Marijuana and High Blood Pressure (Like Oil and Water)

Marijuana and high blood pressure do not mix like the proverbial oil-and-water combo. Yet many individuals risk their good health for the infamous five-fingered leaf and the psychedelic highs that it provides for users.

This is not to say that marijuana does not have its merits – it is used as a legal prescription drug in many jurisdictions in the United States including treatment for nausea and vomiting, insomnia, lack of appetite and premenstrual syndrome – but it is best to steer clear of it for obvious reasons.

It should be noted that non-prescription use of marijuana is a punishable offense under federal law. What exactly is the relationship between the two? The findings in several scientific studies have been mixed.

On one hand, marijuana can increase BP levels almost immediately after inhalation, putting you at risk from the first trip. For this reason individuals are well advised to stay away from this psychedelic inducing drug since it can worsen your condition or kick start it.

On the other hand, there are also studies that point to one of the long-term effects of marijuana usage – hypotension, a condition characterized by abnormally low blood pressure levels.

Hypotension has its own share of symptoms like dizziness, which increases the risk for falls, and damage to the organs (i.e., heart, brain and lungs) because of insufficient supply of oxygen.

The bottom line: Don’t mess with this drug unless it is absolutely necessary and only when prescribed by your doctor. HBP levels in the short-term and low blood pressure readings in the long-term are undesirable; try to stick to a normal level of below 120/80 for a healthy mind and body.

The relationship between this drug and High BP can also be described in terms of the signs and symptoms of marijuana use.

  • Elevated heart and pulse rates by as much as 50% are experienced almost immediately after inhalation of the smoke from sensory stimulating drug.

If you already suffer from the condition or you are at risk, your symptoms will be worsened with cannabis use. You are putting your life at stake for the sake of getting a few hours of psychedelic high, which is irrational when you come to think of it.

  • Irregular sleep habits and sleep disorders like insomnia are the long-term effects of cannabis use. Keep in mind that one of the most important lifestyle habits in managing hypertension is to get sufficient rest and sleep, which will aid in stress management.

When you use marijuana on a regular basis, you can say goodbye to restful sleep and normal blood pressure.

  • Increased amounts of toxic carbon monoxide in the blood, which means lower amount of oxygen being fed into your heart, blood vessels and other internal organs. Your bloodshot eyes caused by changes in your blood vessels are trivial compared to this effect.


  • Chest pains, which are also a symptom of hypertension, have been credited to the use of marijuana. You are taking unnecessarily high risks when you consume the illicit substance.

Let’s not forget regular use of this drug use can lead to several other health complications. You can suffer from memory problems; difficulty in performing tasks requiring concentration; impaired speech; and mood swings, among others.

So what do you do to stop the negative cycle between marijuana and high blood pressure? Stop using it, pure and simple!

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